1. Preventing falling down or stumbling        A warning sign and non-slippery coating on the steps.                                                       1.転落・転倒を防止します

2. Mobile storage of tools

The tool rack is movable


3. Prevention of crashing each other

There are mirrors where it is difficult to watch out.



4. Coding by colors

The covers on the floor are separately indicated by colors


5. Sharing information jointly 

The work processes are indicated with corresponding pictures.

5. 情報を共有します

6. Spot coolers in a hot workplace

Mobile spot coolers are sued to prevent heat stress during work.

7. Protecting the body in transportation

Clearly indicated buffer board.

8Home for each tool

 Pictures of tools indicate the places where tools should be returned.


9. Containers with hand grips

Containers with had grips stored at designated places.

10. Multi-level shelves for placing different tools

Newly installed storage shelves for tools.

11. Flat surfaces of the fish storage

Plates designed to cover the fish storage.

12. Work table to have a good posture

The work table re-designed to allow working at elbow level.

13. Machine guards for preventing injuries at work

Machine guarding for preventing being caught in the moving parts of the machine.

14. Wearing of the life vests

The life vests are worn regularly.

15. Signs indicating toxic materials

Hazardous chemicals stores in designated places with a warning sign.

16. Emergency stop buttons indicated clearly

Color-coded emergency switches.