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WIB式船内労働安全衛生マネジメントシステム 認証システム




How to conduct a WIB program

 WIB program is conducted in the form of a brief workshop involving seamen or fishermen. Usually, 20-40 people can participate in the workshop. This workshop of 1-2 hours can be followed up by encouraging the participants to use the manual distributed at the workshop in their own vessels and to plan and implement improvement actions.

In the workshop, the participants learn local good practices, have a trial to apply an action checklist and make plans for immediate improvements in their own vessels. The purpose is to enable the participants to look at their own working conditions and propose practical improvements for better safety and health at work. A clear emphasis is placed on low-cost improvements that are feasible in the local situations of the participants. The participants are trained in this way about checking their existing conditions as well as planning and implementing practical improvements in multiple technical areas relevant to their daily work. Action-oriented tools used by the participants can facilitate not only the learning process but also the implementation of available improvements.


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